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GPS Coordinates:  N45 14.834 W61 19.567

Seawind Landing is located halfway between Halifax and the Cabot Trail along the Marine Drive of Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a leisurely drive along the pristine shoreline to Charlos Cove where a warm welcome awaits.   Coming from Cape Breton, we’re just a short drive from the causeway!

Directions: The Trans Canada Route

The most direct route from Halifax/Dartmouth to Charlos Cove is to take Highway 102 via Truro, to Highway 104 East via New Glasgow and Antigonish.  Similarly, from the Cape Breton Causeway, follow Highway 104 West to Exit 37 at Monastery.

From Exit 37, turn left onto Highway 4 for a brief time before turning right onto Highway 16, through Boylston and Guysborough.  After passing through Guysborough and past the gas station, take the road signed to Larry’s River on the right.  You’ll see a hardware store on the right just after the turn.

Follow Larry’s River Road for about 25 minutes to a T-intersection.  Turn left over the one lane bridge and drive another 5 kilometeres to Charlos Cove.  Continue through Charlos Cove to our sign at the top of Wharf Road.  Turn onto Wharf Road (gravel) and continue down the hill to the wharf then left to the end of the road where you will find Seawind Landing.

Seawind Landing Country Inn

The Scenic Route: From Halifax

For those with a little more time and a desire for adventure, Highway 7 from Dartmouth is the starting point of the Marine Drive and your gateway to the Eastern Shore. Although there isn’t a traffic light between Dartmouth and Port Hawkesbury, you will find plenty of reasons to stop and admire the view.

Highway 7 winds its way past numerous Eastern Shore villages and after about three hours (190 km) you will come to Sherbrooke Village. With a rest stop here, continue on Highway 7, just past Sherbrooke, to a right turn onto Highway 211 to Port Bickerton and to the Country Harbour Ferry. The ferry departs the west side on the half hour until July then runs every half hour until September 30th. The ferry costs $7.00 and is cash only. Just after your turn onto Highway 211, look for the sign indicating the status of the ferry just to confirm that it is operating.

At an intersection just a few minutes after leaving the ferry, turn right (east) towards Goldboro on Highway 316. About 45 minutes later you will come to the village of Larry’s River. At the far side of Larry’s River, keep to the right at the intersection, over a narrow bridge and then on until you come to Charlos Cove.

Continue through Charlos Cove to our sign at the top of Wharf Road. Turn right onto Wharf Road (gravel) and continue down the hill to the wharf then left to the end of your journey, for now!

If you’ve missed the ferry, or prefer to drive, continue along Highway 7 until you reach Highway 348 at Melrose – Country Harbour Cross Roads (about 10 minutes). Turn right onto Highway 348 and continue for about 10 minutes until you reach Highway 316 (at the stop sign at Cross Roads Country Harbour). Turn right onto Highway 316 and continue for about an hour until you reach the village of Charlos Cove.

The Scenic Route: From Cape Breton Island

Once off the Cape Breton Causeway, watch for signs indicating Highway 344 and the Marine Drive.  Turn left onto Marine Drive to Sand Point, Port Shoreham and eventually Boylston.  At this point you will be back on Highway 16 and heading south to Guysborough.

After passing through Guysborough, continue on Highway 16 until you reach the intersection with Highway 316 (about 20 minutes).  Turn right here and follow along until you reach Charlos Cove and our sign at the top of Wharf Road.  Turn left onto Wharf Road (gravel) and continue down the hill to the wharf then left to the end of your journey, for now.

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