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Seawind Landing is pleased to have partnered with Dr. Stephen Flemming of NovaNature Adventures to offer our guests a hands-on suite of experiences to deepen their connection with this special area. Explore the wonderful life of the small, living on the edge, life in the night, and the relationships among wild things that are simply astonishing.

NovaNature Adventures is dedicated to deepening our understanding of the natural world and the cultural context that surrounds it. They are working towards a different kind of tourism – one where visitors enjoy new places and experiences but also give back to the natural world and community. Nova Nature and Seawind both believe in Regenerative Tourism and through these experiences, you will become part of the world-wide effort to make tourism a positive act as well as a time for learning and enjoyment.

The driving force and lead guide for NovaNature Adventures is Dr. Stephen Flemming. Stephen’s passion and love for nature and conservation started early in his life through a deep engagement with the plight of the endangered Piping Plover. Thanks to his efforts, the Piping Plover Guardian Program was initiated and continues to this day, over three decades later. Throughout his career, he has continued to follow his passion, working as a biologist, conservation manager and superintendent in national parks across Canada, finally returning home to Nova Scotia to direct our largest living history museum. Stephen has published over 40 scientific papers, established long-term conservation programs, and even helped to establish a World Heritage Site. Today, he sees his role as a naturalist teacher, seeking to appeal to the inner naturalist in us all, and contributing to a deeper understanding of the natural world and its cultural context.

Tor Bay to Canso Experiences

Star gazing, boat tours with seabirds, and seashore and forest experiences at Tor Bay  – Weekend and three-hour adventures.

Tor Bay Tastes and Stories

Retreat to comfort in nature.

Discover nature’s secrets of the seashore and night sky, hear local history stories, and enjoy gourmet meals and accommodations with ocean views at Seawind Landing Country Inn.  Weekend package.

$395-525, Fri-Sun, May weekends.

Seashores and Sandcastles

Tidal pools and nature’s seashore art.

Beachcomb at Tor Bay Park, observing coastal birds, exploring tidal pools, and discovering the great diversity of wild things. Then, we build sandcastles, combining art and nature with learning fun for all ages.

$50-75. June-Oct. 3-hrs. Group rates.

Sugar Islands Boat Tour

Islands, seabirds, eagles and seals.

Cruise among the Sugar Islands of Tor Bay with its’ wonderful wildlife above and below the water. We explore, learn about the lobster fishery, and try our hand at a bit of fishing. The scenery is stunning.

$60-85. June-Oct. 3-hrs. Group rates.

Foggy Forests and Friends

Coastal life is about having friends.

At Tor Bay Park, learn how trees communicate, meet insect-eating plants, chat with forest birds, and connect with Caribou long past. Then we commune with the foggy forest through art and prose. Family fun.

$50-75. June-Oct. 3-hrs. Group rates.

Dark Skies of Tor Bay

Constellations, stars and planets.

Use telescopes and star maps as an amateur astronomer; listen to stories about galaxies, exoplanets and astronauts; and depart knowing the constellations and having experienced the the stars of Tor Bay.

$50-75. June-Oct. 3-hrs. Group rates.

Canso Islands and Stories

Islands, history and wild coasts.

Explore the remarkable history of Tor Bay and the Canso Islands, and hike coastal trails encountering wonderful geology and wildlife. Our travels will be in space and time, exploring how nature and human history intersect.

$50-75. June-Oct. 3-hrs. Group rates.

Country Harbour Experiences

Great birding, lighthouse lifestyles, and natural history family fun – Two & three-hour adventures.

Lighthouses and Lite Hikes

Lighthouses, and life along the coast.

Explore Port Hilford Lighthouse, and its’ nearby trails, beaches and tidal wetlands. Learn about the history and nature-based lifestyle of a lighthouse keeper and the fishing culture of the area past and present.

$50-75. June-Oct. 3-hrs. Group rates.

Salsman Nature Quest

Make new friends of  forest and sea.

Discover shoreline critters, chat with songbirds, and learn about trees and their friends at Salsman Park. Become naturalists, using cool equipment to discover and art crafts to remember – fun for all ages.

$20-40. July-Aug. 2-hrs. Family rates.

Salsman Night Skies

Constellations and moon views.

Use telescopes and star maps as an amateur astronomer and listen to stories about the cosmos at Salsman Park. Learn the constellations and experience the wonders of the night sky. This is “Get-your-geek-on” fun.

$20-40. July-Aug. 2-hrs. Family rates.

Liscombe to St. Mary’s Experiences

Nature encounters, canoe excursions, and family fun with nature – Day and three-hour adventures..

Canoe St. Mary’s Eco & Art

Paddle and feel the river flow.

On the St. Mary’s River, learn about the history of logging and salmon fishing and the current restoration efforts currently underway. Become a naturalist with artistic expressions, and give back to this river valley.

$60-85. Day trips, 7 & 14 October.

All rates are per person, plus HST. All packages are subject to change. Please contact Stephen@novanatureadventures.ca  with any questions!


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